About Our Farm

Badger Ridge Farm is a family owned and operated business located on our ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta. We started with one greenhouse in 2000 and have grown to over 18,000 square feet of space today!  We are easily reached from the communities of Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Cremona, Carstairs, and Crossfield. Although we are not far from these cities and towns, we invite you to enjoy your trip to the country and welcome you to bring a picnic and enjoy the scenery and wildlife while you are here.

So… what makes Badger Ridge Farm Worth the Drive?  All it takes is one visit to see the difference!

  • Unique Selection –   If you like to flex your creativity, stand out from the crowd, and find something truly special; Welcome to Badger Ridge Farm, we do things differently here.  You won’t find row upon row of the same anything.  We are a boutique greenhouse bringing you an exclusively curated collection of specimens as individual and interesting as you.  We may be known for our unrivalled hanging baskets, but we have an equally impressive collection of intriguing succulents, hardy perennials, robust annuals, luscious herbs and tomatoes, and of course all of your old favourites too!
  • Attention to Detail – At Badger Ridge Farm, we are discerning.  There is no big-box agenda here.  Only the best and brightest make it out to our retail floor.  We hand select each and every single one of our plants which receive the utmost care, attention and rigorous grooming from seed to finish to deliver you the most hardy and vibrant plants. 
  • Competitive Price – A garden is an investment in your home’s value and your own wellbeing, but not one that should break the bank.  You would think a smaller, boutique operation such as ours would be charging an arm and a leg for all this specialty stuff…. Nope!  We like to keep things fair; a great product for a great price, simple as that.  You can count on us for great value.
  • On-Site Vermiculture – [vur-mi-kuhl-cher] n: the use of specially bred earthworms, esp. to aerate soil and convert organic matter into compost. That’s right!  We have a team of natural soil enhancers working away onsite producing up to 1500L of castings daily!  We incorporate our very own earthworm castings into our soil to make our plants extra awesome.  Bags of castings are available for sale if you would like to take our recipe for awesome home with you.
  • Family Values – Badger Ridge Farm is a family owned and operated business that started in 2000 by Craig Smith and his family, simply out of a love of growing things.  We know that as a customer, you have many options.  It is our guarantee that should you choose Badger Ridge Farm to serve you, you will be receiving our very best.  This means getting our best product, at our best price, with our best level of service.  Simple & Straightforward.