Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses are Decorative and Easy to Care For

Ornamental grasses come in annual and perennial varieties and there are a number of ornamental grass types. There are shade grasses, decorative grasses, native grasses, tall grasses like Karl Foerster, and shorter varieties like blue fescue. They also come in variegated, and solid colours ranging through yellow to blue to green.  Even in the dead of winter, dried ornamental grasses can add life and interest to your garden blowing in the wind.

Here are some ornamental grass types handled by Badger Ridge Farm and Greenhouse.

Ornamental Grasses Types:

Plant Name Variety Zone Characteristics
Grasses Arrhenatherum El. Variegatum "Bulbous Oat" 2 Winter interest, late summer blooming
  Cala. Karl Foerster 3 Winter flowering, deer & rabbit resistant
  Cala. Overdam 3 Winter interest, deer & rabbit resistant
  glauca "Elijah Blue" 3 Deer resistant, edging plant
  Helictotrichon sempervirens 3 Blue oat grass, deer & rabbit resistant. Drought tolerant
  Miscanthus "Purpurascens 3 Autum interest, deer & rabbit resistant.
  Molina cae. Variegata 4 Easy care, slow growing, deer resistant
  Phalaris "Feesey's Form 3 Ribbon Grass, distinct foliage
  Phalaris "Strawberries N Cream" 3 Ribbon Grass, bushes pink in the fall


Other Ornamental Grasses in Stock


Carex Red Rooster Heavy Metal
Cymbopogon citrates Helictotrichon S. Saphirsprudel
Eragrostis Wind Dancer Isolepsis Fiber Optic
Fantastic Foliage Javalin Juncus Arrows
Gold Bar Juncus Effusus
Juncus Javalin Little Bluestem
Juncus Pallidius Little Zebra
Juncus Twisted Arrows Millet Jade Princess
Karl Foerster Millet Jester
Lemon Grass Millet Purple Majesty
Miscanthus S. Schizachyrim S.
Panicum V. Schizachyrim Scoparium
Pennisetum Xa. Shedandoah
Pennnisetum Setaceum Shedandoah Phalaris A.
Saphire Fountain Strawberries and Cream