Our Products

What we grow:

Hanging baskets and planters in all shapes and sizes

  • Our variety of hanging basket combinations is one of the things we are known for. We put a lot of thought into our combinations so that our customers have a good variety they will not see elsewhere


  • If you don’t have the time, space, or patience to start plants from seed let us do the hard work for you.  Opting for nursery-grown annuals is an easy and cost effective way to get lush and instant results in your garden.  Our annuals come in 4-pack cell packs for your convenience, just grab and go! 

Premium Annuals / Basket Stuffers

  • We grow a large variety of premium annuals that we sell in 4” pots. We start them from cuttings in early February so they are well established in time for spring.  Everything such as petunias, verbena, fuschia, lobelia, vines and many more


  • We have a great variety of herbs including the following:
  • 3 varieties of basil, lemon balm, sweet marjoram, 3 varieties of mint, oregano, rosemary, stevia, parsley, thyme, sage, cilantro


  • Multiple varieties and Heirloom varieties as well as our extremely popular Tumbler Tomatoes that grow in a hanging 12” basket

Perennials and Perennial Grasses

  • Our perennials are carefully selected to grow in the harsh Alberta conditions
  • We’ve taken an interest in the perennial grasses over the last several years and have planted many in our own yard. Perennial grasses are low maintenance and look lovely blowing in the wind even in winter.


  • Succulents are relatively new to us and have been extremely popular in recent years. Though not many are perennials in this region, they can be planted in beautiful combinations that are fun and unique. Succulents winter well indoors in a sunny window. We offer a tremendous variety in 4 and 6 inch pots as well as some in larger combination planters.

Edible Bowls & Bags

  • Strawberries, lettuce bowls, pansy bowls, strawberry & pansy bags as well as many other miscellaneous items.


  • We also do custom orders!  Customers may bring us their planters in March and April, work with us to create a custom design, and pick up finished containers ready at the start of the season.

Other Offerings:

Statuary and Fountains:

  • We have a selection of statuary and fountains from two suppliers to suit many different tastes: Henri Studios and CastArt Studios. Both lines are high quality and visually appealing.

Earth worm castings:

  • We farm this organic, all natural fertilizer right here on our farm to enrich our soil resulting in the very best quality of plants.  We also have bags for sale so you can take it home with you to enhance your soil in your own garden. 


  • At Badger Ridge Farms we get involved in our community. We’ve done fundraising with schools, school bands, sports teams and for flood victims. We enjoy giving back and helping enable groups to raise money for special events.  Please contact us for more information on how we can help your cause!