Hanging Baskets

Lush, Vibrant, and Incredibly Unique – what you’ve heard is true – our Badger Baskets surpass the rest!  We take great pride and care in selecting thoughtful and unique combinations to delight your senses.  Our arrangements are designed to incorporate colour and texture to compliment and provoke.  Custom designed for sun and shade with the hardiest varieties for Calgary’s ever-changing conditions, you won’t see variety like this elsewhere.  We pay great attention, pinching each plant back to ensure they have the maximum number of shoots resulting in bushier, better looking baskets. 

 Available in a range of sizes; 10”, 12”, 16”, 20”, and 24”, we have endless options to accommodate your space and budget.  Think you can top our creativity?  We can include your ideas into custom designs for any occasion. 

Custom Containers: Bring us your containers in March and April for a prolific and finished look, ready to go at the start of the season! 

Custom Designed Hanging Baskets for Sun and Shade


Badger Ridge Greenhouse has sun & shade baskets available in a variety of sizes.


Our shade baskets include fuchsias, begonias, inpatients, toerneias and bacoppas.