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Caring for your Hanging Baskets

Hanging Basket Maintenance

Congratulations on your recent purchase of our very unique and special Badger Baskets!  We’ve done all the hard work for you; selecting the very best and hardiest plants, creating thoughtful and unique combinations to delight your senses, and with great care and attention we have pinched back each plant back to ensure they have the maximum number of shoots resulting in bushier, healthier, better looking baskets.   Now all you need are a few tips to keep your Badger Baskets tip top!

Watering: is best done in the morning or evening to allow the water to soak in, rather than evaporating too quickly under the hot mid-day sun.  Smaller pots will need more frequent watering than large ones.  You can test the moisture of your baskets (or any potted plants) by poking your finger 1 inch into the soil; if its dry, its time to water!  Water until it runs through the drainage holes or out the bottom of your hanging basket.  Never allow your hanging basket to sit in standing water, however if it accidentally dries out completely and your plants have wilted, you will want to soak the hanging basket briefly (10 minutes or so) in standing water to allow the soil to rehydrate fully.  Once hydrated, remove to allow proper drainage once more.

Fertiziling: we recommend adding a slow release or controlled fertilizer to your baskets when you purchase them.  By mid-summer you may supplement feeding with a water-soluble fertilizer once every 1 or 2 weeks as the plants will be very large at this point.

Placement: it is important when you take your hanging baskets home they are placed in a location that meets their sunlight requirements.  Full sun plants placed on the north side of the home or under a covered patio will grow long and spindly and shade plants placed in a southerly location may burn and die.  Hanging baskets should also be rotated to keep the plants symmetrical as they grow.

Grooming: most plants benefit from dead-heading, or pinching off faded blooms.  By preventing the flowers to go to seed, it encourages new blooms to develop.  Depending on the look you prefer, you may want to give your hanging basket a trim.  Cutting off 1 or 2 inches will encourage branching to keep your Badger Basket full and bushy.